Aerogarden Reviews For The Top Three Products In 2014

Many of our readers are looking for the best aerogarden, but they don’t know what product will work best for them. Fortunately, we’ve created this top-three list, which makes it easy for anyone to find the perfect garden and start growing their favorite herbs and vegetables.

We chose the products on this list based on several criteria. Since we’ve performed all of the research for you, all you need to do is decide what product suits your needs and purchase it! If you want to skip the reviews and take our word for it, you can purchase the best aerogarden right now from Amazon.

The #1 PickMiracle-Gro AeroGarden ULTRA Indoor Garden

We ended up going with the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden ULTRA Indoor Garden as out top pick. The technology that this product uses has actually been proven to work by NASA, and it has been shown to grow flowers, herbs and veggies much faster than soil.

It has a control panel that handles all of the growing functions, so you don’t have to. Since it is digital, it has an on-screen, step by step functionality that is easy to use; virtually anyone can start growing quickly. It comes with three grow lights, which are also energy efficient.

The lights actually maximize the yield from the plants. This garden can be used for all kinds of small plants. However, you should be aware that you will need to buy some additional supplies to get the most out of it. Overall, the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden ULTRA does what it’s supposed to do, and although it’s rather expensive, it’s worth the money. You can get it right here from Amazon.

The #2 PickMiracle-Gro AeroGarden 7-Pod Indoor Garden

There are several reasons why we chose the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 7-Pod as our second choice. It’s made by the same manufacturer as the #1 choice, but it doesn’t offer many of the features as our top pick. However, this garden is proven by NASA, and by using it, you can grow your plants 10 times faster than if you were to use soil.

To be honest, that is nothing short of amazing. Unlike some of the competing models, this garden is very easy to use. The dumb-downed technology actually makes the product even easier to use for some people. It enables you to grow your favorite plants indoors, and it requires no soil, so you deal with no mess.

It also doesn’t require expert gardening skills. Upon purchasing it, you get two grow lights with it, which use minimal energy. This product is well-designed, clever and functions the way it should. Some people have had issues with the pump, but aside from that, there really aren’t any negatives for this product. In terms of value for your money, this product is worth the money. You can purchase it from Amazon.

The #3 PickAeroGarden 3-Pod Indoor Garden

Our third pick is the AeroGarden 3-Pod Indoor Garden. The biggest difference between this product and the others on this list is the number of available pods. This one has three while the others have up to seven. In terms of price, this aero garden is quite cheap.

In fact, it’s much cheaper than the others, and it’s perfect for someone who just wants to grow a few different herbs for cooking. With this garden, you can grow veggies, peppers, lettuce, flowers and herbs. This garden works very well and can even be used by people who don’t know anything about gardening. It’s a lot of fun to watch the plants grow while you do almost nothing; the garden handles all of the heavy lifting.

Customer service is great. The only issue is that this product comes with many additional expenses. For example, you will eventually need to buy additional nutrients and light bulbs. However, this is the perfect aero garden for someone who just wants to get started and grow a few herbs or plants. You can go here and get it from Amazon.

Aerogarden Growing Tips You MUST Know

If you’re planning on buying a new aero garden or already own one, this article is for you. It’s true that these products come with an instruction manual, but oftentimes, as with anything in life, there are some ‘hidden’ tips that will help you get more out of it.

In case you didn’t know, this type of garden is already being used by millions of consumers. It makes it easy for the complete beginner gardener to start growing all sorts of different plants, and it doesn’t require dirt and other messy components.

A small garden like this can be used to grow vegetables, flowers, herbs and so much more. When you see this product on commercials, it’s usually PACKED with plants. Some people wonder if this type of garden is really capable of producing such a bountiful harvest or if they just make it look like that for the commercials.

aero garden growing tips

You can grow these…

After extensive personal experience, millions of consumers will vouch for the MASSIVE harvest that they get. However, we need to understand that this type of garden is not foolproof, so there are some important tips that you can use to get the most out of it.

Get Ready For Transplants

After buying such a product, many people want to grow much more than herbs. However, if you want to grow bigger plants, you will need to be ready to transplant them once they outgrow it.

The majority of plants will be able to live in it for many months, but things like peppers and tomatoes will be better off in the long-term if they’re allowed to grow outside. You can use it for seeds, and after a few months, you can move the grown plants outside.

Carefully Select Your Plants

It’s true that a lot of plants do much better when grown in an indoor garden. Many varieties of lettuce and herbs grow much better when they’re grow inside, which is why you want to choose plants that are likely to grow better indoors.

You should avoid plants that get really large unless you’re planning on transplanting them when they’ve outgrown the small garden. Some of the best plants to grow indoors are endive, arugula, cilantro, thyme and basil.

Trim Back the Seedlings

You can grow a beautiful plant inside of your garden and really only need a single seed. There is no reason to grow many of the same seeds in the garden because it can cause nutrient deficiencies and overcrowding.

It’s important to trim back the seedlings. Once the seedlings have grown to the height of a few inches, it’s best to cut the plants that are less healthy and let the plant that is the healthiest grow.

Planting Together

You should always start your seedlings at the same time. By starting all of the seeds at the same time, you get better results because all of the plants will be roughly the same height. When all of the plants are the same height, you can position the grow lights in a way that benefits all of the plants equally.

Plastic Domes Are Evil

Well, they’re not really evil, but you want to avoid using plastic domes because they can cause mold to grow. These products probably came with some plastic domes, and they’re supposed to be used to maintain enough humidity for seed germination, but since the aerogarden already provides adequate germination, you don’t need the plastic domes. The domes can cause mold, which makes it more likely that you’ll end up with moldy or diseased plants.

Keep Pruning

It’s very important to prune your plants occasionally. However, if you don’t plant on using the garden for plants on a long-term basis, then pruning isn’t as important.

Plants that are pruned grow much faster than plants that aren’t, and they also tend to live longer. Generally, you can trim your plants to the lowest two levels without having to worry about them getting sick.

Leave Empty Pods

There are many different types of these gardens, and a popular model comes with seven pods. Unfortunately, the roots from the plants in some pods can crowd the roots in other pods.

However, whether or not a plant will crowd others depends on how big it gets and what type of plant it is. For example, plants like tomatoes and peppers can get very large, so it might be a good idea to leave one or two pods around them empty, which will help improve healthy root growth.

Maintain Cleanliness

It’s important to occasionally change all of the water in your garden. By doing this, you can eliminate fungus, bacteria and disease. When switching from old to new seed pods, you should completely clean it out – you want your new seedlings to have a clean, fresh start at life.

Always Keep Packaging

Unfortunately, even the healthiest seeds do not thrive or get sick. Manufacturers are usually really great about giving refunds.

Since the seed pods are very expensive, you should save their packaging, so if you ever need a refund, you can get one. You can also get more growing tips from the boxes that the seeds come in. We hope these tips will help you get the most out of yours.

How To Effectively Plant And Tend Your Aero Garden

So, you’ve just purchased a new aerogarden, or you’re planning on doing it later today. You probably want to soak up some information and learn everything you need to know to make your experience a good one. Let’s take a look at what you need to plant your garden and get started on the right foot.

Planting It

With the right information, you will be able to plant your garden in a way that almost guarantees bountiful harvests and rapid growth. After planting your seedlings, it’s likely that you will see sprouts within just a few days.

It will probably take about three to five weeks for your small seeds to transform into large, luscious herbs. Your aerogarden should come with a seed kit, and the seed pods should be labeled as Short, Medium and Tall.

plant and tend your aero garden

Those are some tasty herbs

The purpose of the labeling is to make it easy to determine the ideal position for the seed pods. You want to make sure every plant gets an adequate amount of light from the grow lights.

Tall Plants

The tall plants that you grow will grow much faster than the others, and they will branch out very quickly. These plants usually do best inside the back openings.

Medium Plants

The medium plants usually grow slower than tall plants, and they’re usually a bit bushier than tall plants. It’s best to plant medium plants in the side openings.

Short Plants

The short plants usually grow very slowly, and once fully matured, they’re still short, small plants. It’s best to grow short plants in the front openings.

How to Tend It

Once you’ve planted your garden, you need to know how to tend it. You can start tending to the garden just a few days after everything has been planted. Your plants will appear through the small holes in the seed pods.

After this has occurred, you can remove the plastic domes because the germination process is complete. You can recycle or discard the domes. However, make sure you don’t remove the actual labeling. Plant stress is something that you want to prevent, and fortunately, it’s quite easy to prevent plant stress.

To reduce the amount of stress experienced by your plants, you can remove the domes shortly after the lights have turned off. This is usually near the end of the light cycle. There is no need to thin your plants because the garden should be able to support multiple plants in every seed pod.

Many people make the mistake of leaving the plastic dome over their plant for too long, and if you start to see the plant curling and pushing up against the dome, then you’ve left the dome on too long. You should immediately remove the dome as recommended.

How to Keep It Healthy

By now, you’ve probably owned your garden for quite some time, and there is no doubt you want to keep it healthy. Fortunately, this is very easy to do if you know how. Most people have fun keeping a watchful eye on theirs.

As your plants start to grow, at some point, you will probably notice some brown or dead leaves around the base of the plant. Don’t panic because this is completely normal. You can remove these leaves with some scissors, or you can just pinch them off with your fingers. Yo9u should always try to keep the grow surface free of dead leaves.

What about Uprooted Chives?

A lot of people choose to grow chives. However, many gardeners freak out when they look at their chives and notice the chives look like they trying to jump out of the seed pod. This is not a serious problem, and it occurs when some of the chive roots don’t properly anchor into the grow sponge.

Top Herbs, Spices And Vegetables To Grow Indoors

Vegetables and herbs – yes, it’s true that your mother was right when she tried to get you to eat them as a child. Sadly, most people don’t eat enough vegetables. Although people often think that vegetables, herbs and spices must be grown outside, this assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Indoor gardens aren’t just for people who live in the city. A lot of people who don’t live in the city like to grow herbs and vegetables outside as well as inside their home, and there are many beneficial reasons to do so.

If you’re growing edible food with a small garden in your home, you will have year-round access to all of the herbs, veggies and spices that you can handle. It’s true that most people use indoor gardens to grow herbs, but you would be amazed at what you can grow indoors.

some beautiful tomatoes

Wow — those bad boys are plump!

If aromatic alliums don’t sound good, then why not grow some spice peppers. Below, we’ll tell you about some popular herbs and vegetables that you can grow inside your own home and best of all – they’re easy to grow!

Hot Peppers

Although you can certainly grow hot peppers, nobody is forcing you to grow hot peppers. If you’re not using grow lights, you need to have a warm and sunny place in your home to grow peppers. You can grow a variety of different types of peppers inside.

Some of the most popular varieties are banana and cherry peppers. However, all types of peppers like to have plenty of space so keep that in mind. You can use a 3-5 gallon container, but we always recommend people to use an aero garden. If you’re just starting, then you can use pepper seeds instead of sprouts.


Another option is green onions. These are definitely some of the easiest herbs to grow. There are countless meals that you can make with green onions.

Some people like to use them in soup, but you can really use them on anything you want. If you don’t want to grow green onions, it’s possible to grow other varieties as well.

Fresh Basil

Thousands of homeowners grow fresh basil. This herb can be used to breathe life into almost any meal. You can add fresh basil to your favorite clam chowder or potato soup.

One of the reasons why basil is so popular is because it’s very easy to grow; it also produces fairly quickly, so you will ALWAYS have fresh basil to put on your favorite food.

People who have this special type of garden actually prefer using it to grow herbs. Chives, mint, sage and rosemary are some other popular herbs that you can grow.


Who doesn’t love radishes? Okay – so maybe radishes aren’t nearly as popular as other choices, but they can certainly add some life to your favorite food. One reason why radishes are popular is because they can be grown easily outside or inside, and you only have to wait a few weeks for them to be ready to eat.


Here is an American favorite. Tomatoes are loved by millions because they taste amazing. When you go to the local store, you might only see one or two varieties for sale, and that is unfortunate because there are MANY different types of tomatoes.

You can grow Pixie, Patio, Tiny Tim or Roma tomatoes, and since they’re not store-bought, they will taste amazing. However, you’ll definitely need an aerogarden to grow these indoors.


Want to make your own salads? Well, why don’t you do it with some homegrown lettuce? Out of all of the different options you have available, don’t skip out on the lettuce. If you grow your own lettuce, you can eat it in your own homemade salads all year long. However, you might also want to grow Swiss chard, Micro greens or Arugula.


If you’re like a lot of people, then you simply cannot get enough garlic. Fortunately, garlic has several health benefits to offer, so you don’t have to feel guilty when eating it.

If you grow it in an aerogarden, you will have year-round access to an unlimited supply of garlic. It’s true that garlic tastes amazing when added to a bowl of clam chowder; there are no restrictions for what food you can use it in.

Cilantro and Parsley

These two are definitely personal favorites. Why not use it to grow some cilantro and parsley. With an unlimited supply of cilantro, you can make homemade salsa that tastes amazing.

Parsley is another herb that you can add to soup. If you’re not growing these two herbs, then you’re not REALLY growing! Although these are some of the most popular herbs, veggies and spices, you will be amazed to learn of all of the different things you can grow indoors.

What Can You REALLY Grow With An Aero Garden

Many people have heard about an aero garden but don’t actually know what it is. Fortunately, it’s a hydroponic system that is easy to understand. Put simply, it’s an indoor garden, and it doesn’t require the use of dirt. Typical gardens require you to plant everything in dirt.

Why deal with messy dirt when you don’t have to? This type of product is so incredibly easy to use than anyone can use it! It will allow you to grow almost anything, from anywhere in your home.

You don’t have to pull weeds, deal with dirt, and you certainly do not need any gardening experience. The garden will tell you exactly when to water plants and add nutrients. They also have grow lights, which are used to simulate real sunlight.

How You Can Use Your Aero Garden

what you can with an aero garden

Just look at those tasty tomatoes

A lot of people use it to grow fresh herbs, which can be harvested all year round. You can use the fresh herbs for cooking. Some people use it to start growing their seeds, and later, they can be transplanted into an outdoor garden.

There are even people who use this type of garden to make their home or office look and feel better. Although most people use it to grow fresh herbs, it can also be used to grow gorgeous flowers.

What Can You REALLY Grow With It?


Who doesn’t like fresh vegetables? With this type of garden, you can grow many types of delectable vegetables right on your home countertop.

It’s great for growing whatever you need for fresh and healthy snacks. Some veggies that you can immediately start growing are mega cherry tomatoes, ruby heirloom tomatoes, chili peppers, green beans and regular cherry tomatoes.

When growing any of these veggies, it should only take about 10 weeks before you can start harvesting, but after the 10 weeks, you can continuously harvest for another six months of the year.


Who doesn’t love herbs? Fortunately, there are several different types of herbs that you can grow. You can use fresh herbs to give your favorite meals some extra spice.

Grow international herbs, pesto basil, south of the border herbs, Tuscan Italian herbs and gourmet herbs, or you can purchase your own custom herb kit, which allows you to grow even more varieties.

The garden will give you continuous herb harvesting for as long as five months, and it only takes about four weeks before you can start harvesting and cooking your herbs.


There is no denying the benefits of growing herbs, veggies and spices, but you can also grow flowers! You can use the garden to grow flowers throughout the entire year, and the list of different types of flowers that you can grow is endless.

You can grow incredible edibles, splash of color, English cottage, mountain meadow, cascading blooms, scented blooms and lots of lavender.

You can also buy a custom flower kit, which further increases the different types of flowers that you can grow. You can even plant and grow live plants from your outdoor garden or salad. These are some of the most popular things that you can grow with an aerogarden.

Top Reasons Why Everyone NEEDS An Aerogarden

Have you ever wondered what an aerogarden is? Do you want to know why you NEED one? Well, there are several reasons why you need to purchase this remarkable product.

Put simply, it’s a type of indoor gardening appliance. It’s self-contained, so that is another benefit of owning one. This product is viewed as a type of hydroponics.

It’s great because you can use it to grow all kinds of different herbs, and it allows you to continually grow your favorite herbs. However, it’s not limited to herbs – you can use this type of garden to grow salad greens, flowers, vegetables and any other seeds that you have.

How Does It Work?

reasons to own an aerogarden

Fresh green herbs

Unlike your typical home garden, it uses a special technology. It uses something called aeroponics. Basically, the garden’s roots dangle, and they’re frizzled with nutrients and water. The purpose is to closely simulate a perfect growing environment.

The garden gives plants the air, water, nutrients and light that they need to grow. The conditions are structured to promote optimal plant growth. The end result of growing plants in this environment is extremely fast growth.

In most cases, the plants will grow significantly faster than the plants in a regular outdoor garden. Studies show that plants in this type of garden grow, on average, twice as fast as plants in a regular outdoor garden. Since they’re usually customized, so they can be used for full-size plants like bell peppers and tomatoes.

Save Money

Many consumers who purchase this product do so because they want to save money. It’s no secret that herbs and fresh produce are extremely expensive.

In fact, as time passes, the price of fresh produce and herbs has continued to climb. An aero garden is an excellent invention for individuals who want to save money, and it’s especially useful during the winter, which is a time when many plants cannot grow outdoors.

No Soil

One of the greatest benefits of purchasing and using this type of garden is the lack of soil. As you would imagine, soil can be very messy, and if you try to maintain a regular indoor garden, you’ll have to constantly deal with messy soil. This special garden is beneficial because it doesn’t require soil.

Since there is never any soil involved, you also don’t have to wash your fresh produce before you eat it. Normally, it’s also much faster and easier to harvest produce when compared with a regular garden.

Unlimited Growing Season

When you use an outdoor garden, your plants are at the mercy of outside weather conditions, but if you use an aero garden, you never have to worry about your plants getting damaged or frozen. A huge benefit of using it is the fact that it basically gives you an unlimited growing season.

Instead of having a small growing season, you can use it to grow fresh herbs and produce throughout the entire year. Since you can grow all of your favorite herbs, you will always have fresh herbs that you can use while cooking.

You won’t have to drive to the store whenever you need to add some fresh herbs or vegetables to whatever meal you’re cooking. These are just some of the reasons why you need to make sure you own this amazing product.