Top Reasons Why Everyone NEEDS An Aerogarden

Have you ever wondered what an aerogarden is? Do you want to know why you NEED one? Well, there are several reasons why you need to purchase this remarkable product.

Put simply, it’s a type of indoor gardening appliance. It’s self-contained, so that is another benefit of owning one. This product is viewed as a type of hydroponics.

It’s great because you can use it to grow all kinds of different herbs, and it allows you to continually grow your favorite herbs. However, it’s not limited to herbs – you can use this type of garden to grow salad greens, flowers, vegetables and any other seeds that you have.

How Does It Work?

reasons to own an aerogarden

Fresh green herbs

Unlike your typical home garden, it uses a special technology. It uses something called aeroponics. Basically, the garden’s roots dangle, and they’re frizzled with nutrients and water. The purpose is to closely simulate a perfect growing environment.

The garden gives plants the air, water, nutrients and light that they need to grow. The conditions are structured to promote optimal plant growth. The end result of growing plants in this environment is extremely fast growth.

In most cases, the plants will grow significantly faster than the plants in a regular outdoor garden. Studies show that plants in this type of garden grow, on average, twice as fast as plants in a regular outdoor garden. Since they’re usually customized, so they can be used for full-size plants like bell peppers and tomatoes.

Save Money

Many consumers who purchase this product do so because they want to save money. It’s no secret that herbs and fresh produce are extremely expensive.

In fact, as time passes, the price of fresh produce and herbs has continued to climb. An aero garden is an excellent invention for individuals who want to save money, and it’s especially useful during the winter, which is a time when many plants cannot grow outdoors.

No Soil

One of the greatest benefits of purchasing and using this type of garden is the lack of soil. As you would imagine, soil can be very messy, and if you try to maintain a regular indoor garden, you’ll have to constantly deal with messy soil. This special garden is beneficial because it doesn’t require soil.

Since there is never any soil involved, you also don’t have to wash your fresh produce before you eat it. Normally, it’s also much faster and easier to harvest produce when compared with a regular garden.

Unlimited Growing Season

When you use an outdoor garden, your plants are at the mercy of outside weather conditions, but if you use an aero garden, you never have to worry about your plants getting damaged or frozen. A huge benefit of using it is the fact that it basically gives you an unlimited growing season.

Instead of having a small growing season, you can use it to grow fresh herbs and produce throughout the entire year. Since you can grow all of your favorite herbs, you will always have fresh herbs that you can use while cooking.

You won’t have to drive to the store whenever you need to add some fresh herbs or vegetables to whatever meal you’re cooking. These are just some of the reasons why you need to make sure you own this amazing product.