What Can You REALLY Grow With An Aero Garden

Many people have heard about an aero garden but don’t actually know what it is. Fortunately, it’s a hydroponic system that is easy to understand. Put simply, it’s an indoor garden, and it doesn’t require the use of dirt. Typical gardens require you to plant everything in dirt.

Why deal with messy dirt when you don’t have to? This type of product is so incredibly easy to use than anyone can use it! It will allow you to grow almost anything, from anywhere in your home.

You don’t have to pull weeds, deal with dirt, and you certainly do not need any gardening experience. The garden will tell you exactly when to water plants and add nutrients. They also have grow lights, which are used to simulate real sunlight.

How You Can Use Your Aero Garden

what you can with an aero garden

Just look at those tasty tomatoes

A lot of people use it to grow fresh herbs, which can be harvested all year round. You can use the fresh herbs for cooking. Some people use it to start growing their seeds, and later, they can be transplanted into an outdoor garden.

There are even people who use this type of garden to make their home or office look and feel better. Although most people use it to grow fresh herbs, it can also be used to grow gorgeous flowers.

What Can You REALLY Grow With It?


Who doesn’t like fresh vegetables? With this type of garden, you can grow many types of delectable vegetables right on your home countertop.

It’s great for growing whatever you need for fresh and healthy snacks. Some veggies that you can immediately start growing are mega cherry tomatoes, ruby heirloom tomatoes, chili peppers, green beans and regular cherry tomatoes.

When growing any of these veggies, it should only take about 10 weeks before you can start harvesting, but after the 10 weeks, you can continuously harvest for another six months of the year.


Who doesn’t love herbs? Fortunately, there are several different types of herbs that you can grow. You can use fresh herbs to give your favorite meals some extra spice.

Grow international herbs, pesto basil, south of the border herbs, Tuscan Italian herbs and gourmet herbs, or you can purchase your own custom herb kit, which allows you to grow even more varieties.

The garden will give you continuous herb harvesting for as long as five months, and it only takes about four weeks before you can start harvesting and cooking your herbs.


There is no denying the benefits of growing herbs, veggies and spices, but you can also grow flowers! You can use the garden to grow flowers throughout the entire year, and the list of different types of flowers that you can grow is endless.

You can grow incredible edibles, splash of color, English cottage, mountain meadow, cascading blooms, scented blooms and lots of lavender.

You can also buy a custom flower kit, which further increases the different types of flowers that you can grow. You can even plant and grow live plants from your outdoor garden or salad. These are some of the most popular things that you can grow with an aerogarden.